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Claflin University

Claflin University


About Us

Approximately 150 years ago, Claflin broke down barriers in higher education, making it the first South Carolina university open to all regardless of race. Today, Claflin continues to welcome exemplary students of all races and genders who demonstrate a passion to change not only their own circumstances, but to change the world as well.

We believe that most leaders are made, not born. Furthermore, we believe that students with passion, integrity and a willingness to work hard have an innate capacity to become visionary leaders. As a Claflin student, you be challenged to realize your full potential, leaving here with an unparalleled education that will serve you well in graduate school, in a career and in life.


Claflin University was founded in 1869 as the first HBCU in South Carolina.
Vision Statement: Claflin University will be recognized as a leading 21st Century institution of higher education that develops a diverse and inclusive community of globally engaged visionary leaders.
Claflin is ranked #9 in the 2020 U.S. News and World Report's ranking of the nation's Top 20 HBCUs.
Living and working together on the Claflin University campus enhances the family atmosphere for which Claflin is renowned.
Claflin University students master complex concepts and skill sets, conduct original research, and integrate principles from a diverse range of ideas.
Claflin University provides exemplary educational programs and an effective learning community by ensuring that they represent the highest standards of academic excellence and by continuous quality improvement.
The Jonas T. Kennedy Health and Wellness Complex is a 33,000 square-foot facility that provides holistic health, nutrition, and lifelong wellness education to the Claflin University campus community and area residents.
Claflin University students are agents of change by learning strategies to truly make an impact on the world.
Claflin University students share and use their talent to enrich the human experience.
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