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Circon Environmental (Kilndirect)

Circon Environmental (Kilndirect)

Waste ManagementIndustry

About Us

CIRCON Environmental's talented team and range of services are dedicated to repurposing challenging waste streams. That’s good for your business—and for the environment.

CIRCON Environmental is the industry leader in innovative waste management solutions. We turn waste into newly valuable, marketable products, improving clients’ bottom lines and quantifiably improving sustainability efforts. With more than a century’s worth of combined experience and a personal commitment to customer service, our team works harder, thinks smarter, and moves faster to create tailored solutions that benefit our customers and our planet.

CIRCON is committed to safety and regulatory compliance, and to protecting our greatest asset: our staff and teammates. Just as we’re constantly creating more efficient waste management solutions, we’re constantly working to improve our safety standards—and our record shows it.

CIRCON never takes a one-size-fits-all approach. We collaborate with clients to create innovative, unique waste management solutions and tailor-made pricing models that align with specific objectives and budgets.

CIRCON creates solutions to tough business challenges involving waste and off-spec petrochemical products. A commitment to the future of our planet leads us to repurpose these materials for use in an alternate industry and to ensure there is no resulting residual waste.

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