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Resonac Graphite America Inc.

Resonac Graphite America Inc.


About Us

Manufacturer of Graphite Electrodes

The graphite business unit of Resonac is the world’s main producer and supplier of graphite electrodes. Our product plays an integral role in the world’s largest recycling process: the recycling of steel in electric arc furnaces.
Our graphite electrodes are produced at six sites and delivered to our customers worldwide. A strong regional concept ensures short lead times, reliable supply chains and an ability to cater closely to our customers’ needs.
We’re proud to say that we contribute to the sustainable advancement of society by helping to recycle steel in an efficient and environmentally friendly way.
Resonac Graphite has been making high-quality electrodes for use in electric arc furnaces (EAF), ladle furnaces (LF), and non-ferrous smelting applications for over 100 years, delivering to steel makers worldwide. We’re a part of Resonac Holdings Corporation, a group of chemical companies with a global workforce of around 26,000 which manufactures products for a variety of fields, including petrochemicals, chemicals, inorganics, aluminum, and electronics.
One of our mottos is “We sell value – not volume”. In other words, there’s more to our business than just selling a certain volume of graphite electrodes to our customers. We truly want to understand what value means to our customers. Whether an especially sustainable product, a very short lead time or a sophisticated technical service – we want to know. This understanding can ignite great innovation, such as the birth of our Omega electrode. Omega is a ladle furnace electrode manufact

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